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*-umbra lux-*

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tv with good characters: lost, v, ncis, most things on abc and channel 5
reading books on rainy days
candlelit bubble baths
all things lost, island, mythological...
writing, in all forms
fanfiction and adorable pairings
slash, usually
animals, particularly cats and wolves and other such predators
languages: romanian, latin, german...
taking the train through lonesome scenery
london hustle and bustle
arguing american politics
reading the newspaper in a coffee shop
movies that aren't chick flicks
good cries on warm shoulders
progressive actions and improved human rights
magic and mystical things
thoughtfulness and kindness
religion, philosophy, good and evil
conversations with depth
great writers, known and unknown
crushes on the famed deceased

excessive expectations that fuel my perfectionism
racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, most "-isms"
"wannarexics" who think eating disorders are a glamorous game
keeping things superficial
focussing on the body to the exclusion of the soul
overly preachy attitudes, though i love to talk religion
closed minds
deliberate cruelty
being unable to see past differences

nestor carbonell a.k.a. richard alpert
anything written by oscar wilde
the scent of vanilla
antique postcards and perfumes
stuffed animals/plush
movies with meaning, even if they are random
reading old diaries
lonely people with virulent pasts

photo credits: #1 (genie, the feral child google search); #2 (my creation from polyvore); #3 (my creation from polyvore); #4: (seance images from fttgreenroom.files.wordpress.com)